Satisfied by God. Skilled at life.

What if church was organic and not institutional? What if the emphasis was on relationships and community instead of structures and programs? This is, in fact, what we are trying to be as a community of faith. Life is meant to be lived in relationship. Faith should be expressed as a relational dynamic, not a ritual. Both with God and one another, church is the gathering of people seeking to live the purposes for which we were created. At Q50 Community church we believe we are all created in God’s image. Consequently, life has meaning and we have purpose. Most importantly, we believe church should be that safe place to celebrate, lament, and share the realities of life. We are in this together. We need each other. We need God!

Why bother with Jesus?

In a marketplace full of options it is a wise course of action to evaluate carefully before choosing a particular service or product. The same process can be applied to options in faith.

The core of the Christian faith is the person of Jesus. Everything stands or falls on Him. If what He claimed to be is not true, or if what His followers claim He did is not historical, then the most He can be is a good role model. We believe He is much more.

Guide to picking a religion

Looking for a meaningful religion? Here are four questions that may help you with that decision making process. We think the answer to each of this must be, “YES!”

  1. Does this religion/faith system offer purpose and meaning to life?
  2. Does this religion/faith system reconcile relationships?
  3. Does this religion/faith system bring release from shame, regret, fear and guilt?
  4. Does this religion/faith system provide hope?

If you desire any or all of these things (purpose in life, reconciliation in relationships, release from shame, and hope) then it is worth pursuing Jesus. In his own words, Jesus said, “Come to me all of you who are weary, and I will give you rest.” Finding purpose, peace and reconciliation in any other source is exhausting. We know. We’ve tried.

Q50 Community Church is not the perfect church, nor do we have the magic formula to solve problems. We are, however, living our faith together, walking with one another from disenchantment to discipleship. We invite you to join us in this journey. We do church together not because we are perfect, but because we aren’t. Grace trumps guilt. Join us!

If you are on a journey of faith, here are a couple of videos you may enjoy: