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SERIES: Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Making sense of the confusion (1 Corinthians 12)
MONDAY MORNING MINUTE: Monday, Nov 20, 2023
Regrets . . . if only . . .

In a recent survey (this morning) of one person (myself), researchers (me) determined that the most dangerous words in the English language are: “if only.”  These are closely followed by shoulda, woulda, and coulda. If only I had known that the last two weeks were going to be such beautiful weather, I wouldn’t have prepped the motorcycle for winter. If only I had known I was going to be sick with COVID, I could have prepped a couple of pulpit-supply speakers. In the big scheme of things, these are insignificant “if only-s.”  But these two words can be the haunting echo of all kinds of regre...

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Q50 is a community of Christ followers seeking God’s truth in our culture

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Q50 is a community of Christ followers seeking God’s truth in our culture



We meet Sunday Mornings at 10AM at Cairn Christian School

Sunday Morning
Dress: Casual. Come as you are. We sing contemporary worship songs, and regularly incorporate some of the great hymns from our heritage. The Keurig is waiting for you. Or bring your own. We’ll enjoy a small snack too! Sometimes thematic, sometimes a book study, but always expositional. And we leave the big words like “infralapsarianism” in the theological tomes. Our passion is to learn together, to grow together and to serve together.

When you are ready, there are also lots of opportunities to serve!

Our Stories

Walking with people from disenchanment to discipleship

A first responder, Rick arrived at the address given by the dispatcher not quite sure what to expect; details were sketchy. But it quickly became evident this was a significant trauma event. Even before his training kicked in, Rick felt something - something he had never previously experienced. He knew instantly it was the presence and hand of God.

The scenario was overwhelming and tragic. It strained at Rick's emotions as he worked hard to respond to the needs of the people in front of him. And strangely, it all had a new significance. He was here, helping these people, because God put him there. He knew it, but he didn't understand it.

So Rick decided to take up his girlfriend's invitation to go to church. Skeptical at first, he quickly relaxed and enjoyed his time in a totally new environment. Church had never been like this before! New friendships were made and Rick realized it was in this place he would begin to understand what happened to him at that traumatic call-out.

Over several months Rick's friendships grew, as did his understanding of who God is, the nature of His grace, and the good news of reconciliation. After several weeks of exploring this thing called "grace," Rick realized that he finally understood what had happened at that traumatic call-out. God was calling him. And with that Rick accepted God's gift of salvation, and enjoyed reconciliation with his Creator.

Everything has changed - work has a new perspective, relationships have a new depth, and life has a new meaning. Grace changes everything!

David had been in palliative care for several months. After a life-time of living hard his body had quit on him. His last few weeks were uncomfortable, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. He shared a room with an older gentleman who had a constant stream of visitors, and they did a strange thing; they would frequently pray together. One day, one of those visitors asked David if they could pray for him too. Although religion had never been a part of his life, David agreed. Over the next several weeks David began to understand the nature of God's love and grace, and a few weeks before his body finally quit on him, David embraced the gift of grace God offers each of us. David never had the opportunity to share his story or impact the world, but his perspective changed, his heart was filled with hope, and he knew the joy of being reconciled to God.

A small, tender act of kindness - offering to pray - opened the door to a larger conversation. Grace changes everything!

We don't want to reinvent the wheel. And we are passionate about serving others. So we have partnered with the Salvation Army Niagara Mobile Outreach strategy to provide soup, clothes and hygiene products for the homeless in the Niagara region.

We also celebrate Christmas and Easter with a commitment to supporting Hamilton Foodshare with donations of food from our Christmas Family Skate and Easter "Empty Tomb Fun Run" events.