The God we worship: The Holy God.

Holiness . . . if ever there was a theme that polarized people this is it. What if I taint myself by sin by being with sinful people (um, we are all sinful, so good luck with that)? What if I'm not good enough for God? And why would I want to worry about holiness - isn't that just another way of saying, "God is always angry?" Why worship a God who is out to "zap" sinners?

No. Holiness should be a thing of beauty. Of loyalty. Of passion. God is severe; severe in grace, love, and compassion toward us!


Graham Bulmer
Lead Pastor
Graham and Sharon Bulmer bring many years of pastoral, teaching, leadership development and administrative experience to the Q50 Community Church plant. They served in Latin America as missionaries for almost 15 years, and have pastored here in Canada.