The word we have all been waiting to hear:


Needless to say, I think we all felt a sense of relief when we heard the province was moving to Phase Two of its "getting-back-to-normal" plan.  And then we learned that Niagara and the GTHA were not part of the plan . . . oh well, good things come to those who wait.

BUT - we are included in the new 10-in-a-group meeting standard, and the reopening of houses of worship.  So, when are we going to start gathering again?

I asked the school what conditions or procedures needed to be in place so we could resume gathering.  As you can imagine, there are significant details to consider to ensure their facilities remain a clean, safe place especially for the return of classes in the fall.  The school leadership is working on those details and will let us know once things are defined.  So, for now, we will continue with our online messages and Operation SCREAM. 

But the end is near . . . (and you thought that phrase only applied to End Times prophecy conferences!).  Hang in there.  We will gather again - hopefully soon.  Until then, we are gathering-not-gathered.

We will keep you up to date as things develop. Let's continue to give thanks to God for His provision through all of this weirdness.

Last Sunday in our Zoom chat, we talked about the fund-raiser for the Cairn Christian School.  They were preparing meals-to-go . . . and have sold out!  We are thankful for God's blessing on this effort.  Continue to pray for the school leadership as they wrestle with how to handle us, what fall classes will look like, and probably a thousand other details we can't imagine.

Graham Bulmer
Lead Pastor
Graham and Sharon Bulmer bring many years of pastoral, teaching, leadership development and administrative experience to the Q50 Community Church plant. They served in Latin America as missionaries for almost 15 years, and have pastored here in Canada.