What to Expect

Interested in visiting Q50 Community Church?

Here is what you can expect:
Dress:  Casual.  Come as you are.
Music:  Contemporary.  Our band is young and talented.  We sing
contemporary worship songs, and regularly incorporate some of the great

hymns from our heritage.

Coffee:  The Keurig is waiting for you.  Or bring your own. We'll enjoy

a small snack too!

Kids:  Your kids will enjoy worshiping in their own language and style.

Bring them along!

Preaching:  Sometimes thematic, sometimes a book study, but always
expositional.  And we leave the big words like "infralapsarianism" in
the theological tomes.  Our passion is to learn together, to grow
together and to serve together.

When you are ready, there are also lots of opportunities to serve!