Why yet another church in the Niagara region?

Why plant another church?

Churches are a lot like shoes. Above everything, a good pair of shoes has to be a good fit. Since God has created each of us as unique beings, and then placed each of those unique beings into communities of faith, it stands to reason that each church will be unique. We believe this is a good thing. Unity is best expressed through diversity.

No one church can be all things to all people.  We need to plant churches because we each need to find a good “fit” as we grow in our faith and serve God together.

Different shoes also have different functions.  Most of us have more than one pair of shoes. There are shoes for work, running, and enjoying an evening out.

So also, a diversity of churches will engage in their communities in different ways. Together we are salt and light, inviting people to be reconciled to God as we build relationships. We do that using each of our distinct opportunities to serve. The apostle Paul said God has placed each of us in places of service which He has determined so the Gospel can be presented everywhere (Acts 17:26).

Finally, each church itself will have within it a diversity of shoes (think of your closet!) as we find ways to serve and worship God together. Shoes are meant to be worn and to be used. They are of little value if there stay on a shelf or in a box or on display. They need to get dirty and maybe even a little stinky.

This doesn’t mean there is a deficiency in the shoe. It is proof it is doing what God designed it to do, to walk in His creation and Kingdom. It should be obvious, then, that shoes need regular care. This is what we do as a community of faith: together we walk from disenchantment to discipleship. Come, walk with us!

Where will you be located?

Our meeting location is situated at 795 Highway#8 in Stoney Creek.

How can I get involved?

Just let us know you are interested.  You are invited to walk this adventure with us! Worship with us Sunday mornings at 10AM.

Drop us an email at welcome@q50community.com or call us at 905.984.5500 x26.

How can I stay informed?

You can send an email to welcome@q50community.com to join our mailing list, or fill out the form on the home page of this website.  And, of course, we will be keeping this site up to date with the latest developments.