Creation Theology

After the ancient Israelites exited Egypt and wandered in the wilderness for forty years the most burning question to be answered was, "Who is our God?"  While the miracles were impressive and life-saving, they did not explain Who God was.

Moses opens the Torah he received on Mount Sinai by describing the creative works of Israel's God.  The purpose of the Creation narrative was not to explain how God created, but to reveal who created the world, and why He did so.  Such insight into the Person and nature of God is part of what made Israel's God, YHWH, unique from all other gods (Deut. 4:7-8).  God has created so He can be known.  Ours is a God who desires relationship.

The pinnacle of creation is humanity.  Made as God's image-bearers, our purpose within creation is clear:  to steward the resources of the Creator in His Creation, and to represent the King in His Kingdom.

As a church we are committed to fulfilling our image-bearing responsibilities; to be stewards and representatives of God's kingdom, inviting those who are not yet part of it to be reconciled back to our Creator and enter His Kingdom.